Inside #EllenDegeneres ‘s stunning fall from grace

It by far is one of the most spectacular falls from grace Hollywood has had in a long time. It’s like two doses of extreme cancel culture meets one dose off hard reality check. Ellen DeGeneres, once one of the most powerful talk show titans in the world — has fallen from her golden perch granted to her by the equally problematic people behind NBC.

‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ ratings drop to all-time low amid backstage drama


But that fall apparently came at the expense of a wild accident that led to a Twitter thread originally meant to poke fun at the rumours of Degeneres’ longstanding reputation as a mean girl off air. The tweet can be traced back to this thread which quite literally caused it all.

Multiple sources have confirmed that in recent days, Ellen has been forced to come to terms with the idea that her nasty behaviour isn’t quite a secret anymore.

You could probably say that the epic fall from grace soon followed that tweet. The sheer volume of stories ranging from a few years ago to more than a decade ago paint a grim picture of a woman who by all means appears to have deceived the public about who she really may be.

Apparently one of the stories included actress Dakota Johnson revealing how Ellen made her very uncomfortable during a December interview. In that interview — Johnson was accused of failing to invite Degeneres to her birthday party.

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