House Dem names Trump in a formal criminal referral

NJ Rep Bill Pascrell has joined the chorus of people; officials, and others wondering what the hell is going on with the USPS. According to his formal criminal referral, Pascrell has acknowledged that there is something afoul with the Post Office (a constitutionally protected place here folks.)

Now Pascrellis leading the charge to have the Trump admin formally investigated for their pretty brazen attempts to overthrow the Post Office. Trump previously admitted in an interview that he is knowingly in favour of withholding monies to the Post Office, er, if mail in ballots don’t become a thing.

Pascrell mentions directly that Trump has “bragged that he is withholding support to the US Postal Service to interfere with voting-by-mail across the country to rig the November 2020 election in his favor.”

It remains unclear where such a referral would go.

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