Thursday, October 22

Gun violence in NYC is so high, there have been more than 777 shooting victims this year alone

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Make no mistake — gun violence is violently surging in New York City to the point that it isn’t safe to wander the streets after a certain hour anymore. In 2020 alone, according to government statistics, there have been more than 777 victims of gun violence this year alone.

The New York Post reports that last night alone there were 7 more shootings with at least 10 victims spanning from East New York to central Brooklyn. It caps a violent week in New York City with more than 32 shootings and 36 victims.

Roughly by Saturday at midnight, New York City had already counted at least 7 murders by way of gun violence (almost one a day.)

The extreme violence continued into Sunday when a triple shooting took place in East New York following a double shooting in the same area. Multiple house parties were broken up by gun violence.

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