Warning: Unmarked federal agents are headed for New York City

Trump ‘s wagering battle against those who disagree with his politics continues. According to the Trump Administration, unmarked federal forces are headed to New York City (we say unmarked because they’ll likely have no identifiable insignia like they did in Portland.)

‘You look at what they’re doing to cities – every city is run by a liberal Democrat, and they’re going to hell,’ Trump told Barstool Sports.

‘We just sent people in to Chicago. We’ve sent people in to Portland.

‘We’re sending people to New York, to help out.’

The news comes amid rising violence in New York City although many are wondering exactly how the presence of unaccountable police are going to help in any way. Cuomo and De Blasio both have threatened to sue if federal forces land in NYC, however, it remains unclear exactly how they can stop them from doing so.

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