Report: Ex-personal assistant dismembered Fahim Saleh over the fact he embezzled $ and didn’t want to pay it back

The man who reportedly slaughtered; dismembered, and then savagely cut up Fahim Saleh has allegedly been identified. According to the NYPD, they believe that Saleh ‘s personal assistant Tyrese Devon, 21, is responsible for the heinous and grisly murder.

Here’s what we know so far.

According to the NYPD, they believe that Devon, 21, actually killed Saleh on Monday a full day before his remains were actually found. They believe that Devon returned to the scene of the murder to fully dismember the body and expose of any proof of a crime, but was actually interrupted by the victim’s sister in question.

How did they find Devon?

According to multiple police sources, Devon was identified as a prime suspect after text messages were reportedly found on Saleh ‘s mobile device indicating that he knew Devon had been stealing from him for some time. Police allege that Devon had embezzled thousands of dollars from his employer. It is unclear whether or not Devon has copped to this part of the crime.

Who is Tyrese Devon?

According to a handy internet search, Tyrese Devon, 21, was a flourishing personal and executive assistant in New York City who many thought was attempting to make his mark. But in the midst of his own reported financial troubles, he discovered quickly that he had access and alleged complete access to his boss’s finances.

As it turns out, Tyrese Devon Haspil (full name) allegedly swiped upwards of $100,000 from his former employer. At the time of initial discovery, Saleh instead of calling the police brokered a repayment plan with the young assistant. But that apparently wasn’t enough and led to one of the most grisly murders Manhattan has seen in a long time.

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Haspil was formally linked to the scene of the crime by means of forensic evidence left behind on an apparent taser.

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