New map predicts 224,000 Americans will be dead from COVID-19 by November: Report

Editors note: We’d like to remind people that in no way are we trying to fear monger anyone or are we bought and paid for by Coronavirus campaign operatives. We are simply trying to ensure by covering the virus — that everyone is informed and may know what they need to know to make the best decisions for their family. As always — please stay safe out there.

Statistical company Esri has compiled a map of the startling rise in Coronavirus cases ravaging much of America right now. In that map, the company found that if no proper response or potential solution arises by November — more than 224k Americans will likely be dead.

Currently, there are 3.4m cases of the Coronavirus in America and they’re rapidly growing. As of Thursday, there are a reported 137,000+ deaths in the United States (contrary to what you may see on Coronavirus denial threads.)

The sunbelt states and parts of the Midwest appear to be some of the hardest currently hit and the spread appears to be gaining considerable traction.

This map comes on the heels of states like Georgia whose Republican governor has banned mask mandates statewide.

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