Mass COVID-19 infections are ravaging California ‘s San Quentin prison

While much of the world maintains dialogue about COVID-19 and the world on the outside — what about the world on the inside.? That’s the reality for prisoners at California ‘s San Quentin prison where hundreds are believed to be infected.

Initially, among the prison ‘s population around April or so there weren’t any confirmed cases and the jail had managed to keep the Coronavirus out. But as reported transfers from Chino came into jail facilities, things dramatically changed and fast. Reports show that as of this writing more than 1,369 prisoners and upwards of 150 prison staff have now tested positive for the novel Coronavirus.

It hasn’t shown any signs of stopping. According to the state’s tracking tool, in fact only about 13 inmates have been released as of this writing. That comes despite Gavin Newsom ‘s claims that he is actually reviewing cases in hopes to bring the population down to about 3,000 inmates.

As of July, there are roughly 5000 or more reported cases of the novel Coronavirus across California ‘s prison system. Roughly of those cases there are 29 reported deaths although it is believed the number is significantly higher.

Meanwhile California itself…

Alike states like Florida; Georgia, Texas, and so on has seen its own significant increase in COVID-19 cases. As of this writing, there are roughly 277,000 confirmed cases and approximately 6,000 folks dead as of Monday.

The following stats and such relate to COVID-19 are from John Hopkins University ‘s available statistics and that of formal prison related search tools in California.

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