“His head had been cut from his torso” grisly details emerge in the professional murder of Fahim Saleh

The dismembered body of tech CEO Fahim Saleh was found yesterday amid reports that Saleh was killed and targeted by a professional killer while entering his LES apartment in Manhattan. The race to find the professional killer is now heating up according to police, er, who now say that the killer escaped through the service exit of the posh building.

Police say that the yet-to-be-identified killer was “interrupted” because Saleh ‘s own sister had called in a welfare check on her brother. After having arrived at the apartment, the killer from what we understand discovered the arrival and fled the scene leaving behind the widely reported power saw.

According to police sources, Saleh ‘s head was removed from his torso as were his legs also removed from his body. Sources say that police believe that the grisly murder was almost certainly financially motivate as Saleh not only lived in a posh apartment, but also. managed to run a string of successful start-ups.

The grisly murder took place on Houston Street in Downtown Manhattan.

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