Following an accidental revelation, it has emerged that the U.S has actually found likely alien vehicles


2020 has been such a bizarre year that this alone is in no way shocking. Following an accidental admission from the Senate Intelligence Committee, it has emerged that a secret task force tasked with proving or disproving that aliens exist is very much still functioning. The problem perhaps is the fact that it was previously claimed that the Unidentified Aerial Objects Task Force was disbanded in 2012.

A screen cap from a previous video from the government acknowledging
the discovery of “vehicles” that likely weren’t made by humans.

Except it wasn’t. Over the past decade or so — the programme has secretly continued under the guise of the Naval Service. In those years since it was falsely claimed that the group disbanded, it has now emerged that the government appears to have on numerous occasions found vehicles that universally couldn’t have been made by humans.

The news comes just a few months after it was publicly acknowledged the existence of a series of videos that appeared to show Unidentified Aerial Objects in U.S airspace. Objects that now appear to be governmentally classified as impossible to have been made by human beings.

It’s also worth noting that the New York Times has published on numerous occasions interviews with actual defence experts; former contractors, and the like who have disclosed the very same thing. One particular article in the Times previously revealed that materials and items from almost-universally non-human-made vehicles have already been retrieved and studied by the government and the private sector.

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