Exclusive: Meg isn’t talking about who shot her, because it was allegedly Tory Lanez


Sources are out today with even more information about what happened at the now-infamous pool party attended by Kylie Jenner; Meg Thee Stallion, Tory Lanez and a host of other celebs. Multiple sources tell The Daily News that Meg Thee Stallion was shot inside of the SUV she was riding in with Tory, because it was actually Tory Lanez that shot her in the foot during a dispute inside the car.

The source claims to have been at the party with both Tory Lanez and Kylie Jenner and Meg which were all seen together. One of them claims that Meg did indeed have a dispute at the party, however, it remains a little unclear as to what that dispute was about. We’re told that Kylie Jenner did not intervene.

‘We were all at the same party and then Meg had a dispute which made her upset and things went left pretty fast. That was when she tried to leave and that was when Tory ran after her and they fled to their SUV. It didn’t get violent until they got outside.” says the source.

From what we understand, Meg and Tory fled in their SUV after the dispute trickled outside which is where it apparently turned even further violent but they were already in the SUV and gone by the time she had been shot in the foot. The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating alleged video footage that shows exactly who the shooter is and what transpired — most of which sources swear is/was Tory Lanez.

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