Month: June 2020

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Dems propose federal jobs programme as millions more file unemployment in America

Unemployment in America does not appear to be going away as fast as some politicians would actually like. According to reports, House Democrats are now attempting to put together plans for a desired federal jobs programme to prevent any further declines. A federal jobs programme would drastically alter the employment landscape in America. With such a programme things like: wages, childcare, and most things in between would be federally subsidised for a period of time. If things were to suddenly continue to worsen -- it would obviously become a more indefinite thing for a longer period of time. Editorial note Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon (who played a monumental part in getting expanded unemployment pushed to the masses) is now leading the push for a far-more-dramatic alterati...
Fresh News

Hollywood legend Carl Reiner has passed away at the age of 98

Comedian; actor, producer --- the list of this icon was not only impressive as it was stunning. On Tuesday, TMZ confirmed that Hollywood legend Carl Reiner (aka Rob Reiner 's father) passed away abruptly at the age of 98. In his long and fruitful career -- Reiner won 9 Emmy Awards and helped create shows like the iconic Dick Van Dyke show.
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Report: Taliban soldiers were paid to kill U.S Army troops in Afghanistan

TALIBAN: The Taliban are a set of terrorist groups and their members that carry out such attacks across the world. It is usually pretty difficult to determine who exactly are members of the group. It is said that bounties were discovered after a raid on one of their compounds found American money earlier this year. A damning new report out amid allegations that Donald Trump failed to address Russian-bounty claims is here. According to reports, John Bolton actually addressed this matter to Donald Trump late last year after he himself was briefed. First came Bolton; then Trump, then the CIA, then other foreign governments. The New York Times reported today that Bolton briefed Trump last year and then again in February on the same matter. However, multiple Trump officials are now ...
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Phase III for New York City set to be wildly different than expected

As cases of the novel Coronavirus (SARS-COV-2) continue to spike quite literally around the world -- re-openings across America have either been outright paused or altered. As for New York, NBC reports that Phase III is set to look wildly different than some expected. NY appears to have followed suit behind N.J after N.J indefinitely banned indoor dining. According to Gov. Cuomo, the state is exploring options to do just that among other tweaks amid fears that New York City could be hit even harder this time around. We'll update this page as final decisions are made.
Fresh News

The Golden State Killer has pleaded guilty to some of history ‘s most heinous murders

Joseph James DeAngelo (otherwise now known to the world as the Golden State Killer) is going to jail for the rest of his life. This week marked his first guilty plea as prosecutors seek to reprimand him for all 26 crimes in which he is charged with. Joseph James DeAngelo, charged with being the Golden State Killer, is wheeled into the courtroom in Sacramento, Calif., Monday, June 29, 2020.   (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli) DeAngelo is charged with 13 murders and 13 charges of kidnapping for purposes of robbery—along with 62 other crimes, including dozens of rapes according to the Los Angeles Times. The former cop agreed to plead guilty in exchange for being spared the death penalty.
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A white St. Louis couple randomly exited their house to brandish guns at peaceful black protesters

But as it has already been seen in the video --- they weren't actually causing trouble but instead quite literally walking by a residential neighbourhood. In the video -- the couple has been identified as Patricia and Mark McCloskey. https://twitter.com/KristenClarkeJD/status/1277431713338216450?s=20 The McCloskey 's appear to be personal injury attorneys in the area and apparently falsely claimed to police that people broke through nearby barricades and trespassed on private property. The problem with those claims, er, is the fact that video footage proves t hat protesters (all of whom appeared to have mostly been black) were actually just walking by. Reports say that protesters were actually walking by the neighbourhood because they were en-route to the mayors house. Ear...
Fresh News

Florida has recorded 8,500 more Coronavirus cases

Public Health Advisory: Please avoid all travel to Florida. This is serious guys. Florida is now a COVID-19 hotspot after recording 8500+ confirmed COVID-19 cases for three consecutive days. NBC Miami reports that Florida now has roughly 141,075 total infections and the number is specifically believed to be even higher. Travellers and student's aren't heeding advice to steer clear of the area, instead returning to their nearby home cities creating clusters.
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L’Oreal will remove references to “whitening” and such from its products after renewed criticism

French cosmetics giant L'Oreal Paris is making apparent good with its promise to finally remove references to "lightening" "whitening" and other racially-insensitive words pretty much effective immediately. The move comes amid renewed criticism following the racial reckoning in America after what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis. The fact that there were such products labeled as u such to begin with says allot about L'Oreal 's own history with consumerism. The brand released a statement citing their support for the black community at this time, however, many managed to remember the fact that the brand once notoriously fired Munroe Bergdorf. Three years ago, Bergdorf was fired for calling out white-antics and racism by the same brand now trying to hop on said band wagon.
Fresh News

Three people are dead and one is indefinitely blind after drinking hand sanitizer

Welp, there's just things you wish people were joking about. and then there's those things that are shockingly true (or maybe not so shocking.) This week. the world was reminded once more that consuming hand sanitiser is about as smart as consuming bleach -- and is very much advised against because it can and likely will be a fatal health hazard. But for a group of four in New Mexico that health conscious tidbit apparently didn't hit close to home as three are dead and one is in serious condition following said consumption. According to health officials in New Mexico, the person that is alive actually has entirely lost their vision due to consuming said sanitizer. "If you think you may have used or consumed hand sanitizer containing methanol, please seek medical care," state hea...

Justin Bieber is taking his sexual assault accusers to task over their wild claims: Reports

Canadian popstar Justin Biebe isn't having any of it. According to reports, the 26-year-old singer has filed suit against two apparent young women that say they were assaulted by the Biebs in 2014 and 2015. Now if you're a Twitter user --- chances are you've probably seen much of the very obvious evidence that Bieber has provided to the public to confirm that the allegations appear to be fake. Although those tweets have now reportedly materalised into actual lawsuits calling the very same allegations malicious and likely intentional. TMZ managed to get a copy of the lawsuit docs that confirm Bieber 's legal team has filed and is looking to track down the apparent super fan.

Amid soaring COVID-19 cases, Miami ‘s iconic beaches will be closed for the holiday weekend

Amid reports that Florida is experiencing a soaring number of positive COVID-19 cases --- Miami residents will not be permitted to go to the beach next weekend. For those wondering --- next weekend is Independence Day in America and is an important day for American citizens to celebrate in their history. Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Giminez reportedly plans to issue an emergency order sometime this weekend to prevent the beaches from being open. On Friday, the state of Florida recorded 9,000 new positive cases within a literal 24 hour period.
Fresh News

[Urgent Health Alert] Houston; Texas, and Florida and the rise of the Coronavirus

This is a public health warning broadcast article meant to dive into the crisis that is unfolding in now Texas and Florida. As of this week -- both states have seen soaring cases of positive Coronavirus tests; hospitalisations, and from what we understand deaths. Now first and foremost we'd like to point this out. Many of our people are in New York and firsthand experienced what it was like to live through an unknown virus that many had either questioned or flat out called a hoax. What did we learn? We learned that the Coronavirus isn't going anywhere and is not in any format done with mankind just yet. PUBLIC HEALTH BULLETIN #1 Harris County has now upgraded the threat level from the Coronavirus to Severe Level 1. Hospitalisations are soaring and local hospitals are ...

Rapper Huey, Famously Known For His Hit Song “Pop, Lock & Drop It,” Has Been Murdered

Friday brought horrible news for hip-hop music fans. According to St. Louis police, American rapper Huey has died of an apparent gunshot wound after turning up at a local hospital. He and at least one other person were involved in a situation that led to Huey being critically wounded and at least one 21-year-old with non life-threatening injuries. HueyVEVO / Via youtube.com Police do not appear to have understood a motive as of Friday evenning. The shooter has not been located.

Love & Hip Hop star Maurice Fayne indicted on federal charges

Former reality T.V star Maurice Fayne has not only found himself in a world of trouble, er, he's now entirely ruined his career. According to a media alert from the authorities, Fayne has been indicted on numerous federal charges and is looking at decades behind bars. The media alert confirmed that he's been charged with bank fraud; wire fraud, making a false statement to a federally insured institution, and running an alleged ponzi scheme using PPP funds. 'The emergency lending provisions of the Paycheck Protection Program were intended to help small businesses survive the COVID-19 pandemic,' U.S. Attorney Byung J. 'BJay' Pak said in the release Wednesday.  It all started earlier this year after Fayne applied for a PPP loan allegedly using fraudulent bank records; accounts ...
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