Teacher Appreciation Week Challenge 2020 is here and you can show your favourite one(s) major love.

National Education Association has this to say about this week.

Never have our nation’s teachers been more appreciated and seen–even as they work with students from a distance. For Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re asking our followers a question a day to help showcase all that teachers do for our students. Please use these graphics to share on your own social channels, and remember to use the hashtag #ThankATeacher!

MONDAY: What’s one thing you’ve recently learned about the work that teachers do?

Monday Challenge
Teacher Appreciation Week Challenge: Monday

TUESDAY (National Teacher Day): Tag a teacher in your life and let them know how much you appreciate them.

Tuesday Challenge
Teacher Appreciation Week Challenge: Tuesday

WEDNESDAY: Ask a teacher: “What can I do to help?”

Wednesday Challenge
Teacher Appreciation Week Challenge: Wednesday

THURSDAY: Post a #TBT that brings back memories of your favorite teacher.

Thursday Challenge
Teacher Appreciation Week Challenge: Thursday

FRIDAY: How has a teacher helped you make it through this week with a little more joy?

Friday Challenge
Teacher Appreciation Week Challenge: Friday

We at Bazaar Daily News would like to share your stories about a favourite teacher or a teachable experience that has stuck with you or changed you in some way.

Could it be a parent that taught you a lesson in tough love? Or a teacher in school that stay extra to help you understand a difficult concept? Or perhaps it was a coach or a friend even a stranger that taught you something that made sense. We all have that had that experience and it should be celebrated your story might even teach someone else and in turn teach you something new.

Emails can be forwarded to dexkhane@bazaardaily.co.uk

From us at Bazaar Daily News to all teachers the world over happy Teacher Appreciation Week.

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