Month: May 2020

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#GeorgeFloyd ‘s autopsy report reads like a fictional one found on shows like CSI

The autopsy report in the murder of George Floyd doesn't actually read like the man was murdered but instead as if it was crafted on an episode of CSI. As protests raged on over the weekend, the autopsy report out of Minnesota surfaced online (and it doesn't exactly point out that Floyd obviously died of murder.) The report claims that Floyd died of Coronary Artery Disease and Hypertensive Heart Disease. But we'd like to remind of you... To add insult to injury, the M.E claims per the report that Floyd didn't die of strangulation or asphyixation according to NBC News.
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Here is a running list of the government imposed curfews, as the U.S cracks down on its own people as protests rage on

As the major George Floyd protests rage on in America -- the U.S government is cracking down on its own people and their right to protest in almost any format. We've rounded up some of the otherwise probably important curfews to remember so that you as protesters and those out there avoid any additional issues. Los Angeles: 8pm to 5:30am and Beverly Hills: 4pm to 5:30am (NBC Los Angeles)San Francisco: 8pm to 5am (NBC Bay Area)Denver: 8pm to 5am (9News)Miami: 8pm to 5am (Miami Herald)Atlanta: 9pm to sunrise (Fox 5 Atlanta)Chicago: 9pm to 6am (Chicago Sun-Times)Indianapolis: 8pm to 6am (Indianapolis Star)Louisville: 9pm to 6:30am (Courier Journal)Detroit: 8pm to 5am (ClickonDetroit)Minneapolis/St. Paul: 8pm to 6am (Star Tribune)Cleveland and Columbus: 8pm to 8am (NBC News)Dayton, OH: 7...
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#NYPD cops were caught on video ramming their car into protesters, De Blasio called it a “tough decision”

The NYPD has been caught numerous times since yesterday doing what the NYPD does best. Last night --- a video surfaced (and we have a few ourselves you might find on this very website) of two NYPD cruisers ramming their vehicles into protesters. https://twitter.com/AJRupchandani/status/1266889115288711168?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.buzzfeednews.com%2Farticle%2Fclaudiakoerner%2Fnypd-suv-crowd-protests-brooklyn As much as we wish that the previous paragraph were a joke it isn't. The scene was captured on camera and widely shared online even garnering a response from NYC 's betrothed mayor Bill De Blasio. In response to the growing controversy over the video, De Blasio called the move (and we're quoting this literally) a "tough decisio...
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#GeorgeFloyd protests reach Europe as it becomes increasingly clear they are far from over

LONDON ---- From halfway around the world --- George Floyd 's memory has lit Europe today as thousands of protesters across the continent took to the streets of Berlin; London, and more to demand justice of all sorts in the name of the slain George Floyd. A protester holds up a banner as demonstrators gather in Trafalgar Square in central London on Sunday.   (AP Photo/Matt Dunham) Thousands of protesters gathered at Trafalgar Square in London this evening eventually having made their way for the U.S embassy, of course met by an unbelievable number of American cops ready for combat. The surprising difference between European protests and America perhaps is that police didn't stop protesters at any time. Multiple protesters in Berlin tell The Daily News that police...
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Taking on the government, #Anonymous resurfaces as an ally in those protesting #GeorgeFloyd ‘s murder

As the violence in America reaches new heights for a fifth night, protesters and those demanding justice across America have a breathtaking new ally. After three years in hiding, legendary hacktivist group Anonymous has surfaced again -- and this time they're not hiding the fact that they've had it with the United States Government. So that everybody can see this video we've made it downloadable by clicking this link. Anonymous message about George Floyd Download
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The NYPD has begun arresting people from the protests in Brooklyn last night

As a result -- we will be blurring out any faces that appear in the photos we may use for news stories or on our social media pages. According to reports, two sisters from upstate New York are believed to be the first arrested following last night's violent protests that rocked the borough. We've learned that the sisters (reportedly from Catskill) were behind the apparent cocktail that was thrown at the NYPD cruiser seen in this photo. While there were four officers inside, none of them were hurt in the act per subsequent media reports.
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Violent protests have upended America

Last night became the night that everybody knew was coming following the murder of George Floyd. Protests; violent encounters with police, near full blown riots, it all occurred. In multiple American cities, buildings burned; cop cars were set ablaze, Los Angeles attempted to declare it was illegal to go outside, the madness only quite literally got started. https://twitter.com/CBSNews/status/1266649537545977856 In Atlanta alone --- multiple luxury stores were raided including Dior. Videos appeared online overnight confirming the raids which wildly took everything in the store believed to be worth hundreds-of-thousands of dollars. https://twitter.com/DaKidArtNeal/status/1266707880251703298 Buckhead (aka the Rodeo Drive of Atlanta) was completely ransacked. Jimmy Choo;...
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Chaos erupts at #Barclays amid mass protests over the murder of #GeorgeFloyd

The NYPD has proven once again that it lives up to its reputation for being one of the most obviously corrupt police precincts in America. Tonight marked likely one of many Floyd related protests in Brooklyn --- and quite a few people turned out. https://twitter.com/thboywndr/status/1266510025520033792 https://twitter.com/mcbyrne/status/1266512529188179969
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Minneapolis police are protecting the home of killer cop Derek Chauvin

Traitor cop Derek Chauvin who not only betrayed his community but his oath of honour to serve as a cop --- apparently has quite the protection(s) back home in Minneapolis. While it is believed he fled to Florida, meanwhile, cops back in Minneapolis are reportedly shielding his home from violent protests that have rocked the city for almost 4 days. (AP Photo/Jeff Baenen) Meanwhile, there have been acts of solidarity around the U.S. Cities like Los Angeles; New York, Atlanta, and more are all joining the growing demands for serious change. Conservatives across the board including the aforementioned Donald Trump have all slammed the protests as "Thuggy Violence" and should be rectified by the military. But it's worth noting that throughout history groups like the Ku Klux ...
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New video surfaces in the murder of #GeorgeFloyd

Yet another video in the state-sponsored murder of George Floyd has surfaced. This video from a different angle appears to show the entire story further proving that George Floyd didn't actually resist arrest, despite the claims of the white officers involved. The video in full as it appears throughout international media [with a sensor warning attached.]
Tech News

This Youtuber adopted an autistic child, and then used him for content before giving him up for adoption (again)

Youtube is a bizarre place that often finds its creators in the midst of desperate attempts for content. This week Myka Stauffer takes the cake as the douchey-creator of the week after it surfaced that she adopted a tot from China who has autism; used him for content, and then abruptly gave him up for adoption again because she couldn't "care" for him she claims. Stauffer and her cheesy boyfriend adopted Huxley sometime around 2017. After appearing together in numerous monetized videos; interviews, sponsorship deals and the like --- he's now no longer with the family because they claim they couldn't care for him. youtube.com While the situation is murky --- the couple has apparently offered a statement to Buzzfeed News offering a half-ass glimpse into their decision. Let's...
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Twitter ‘s decision to fact check tweets is the right one

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian speaks during a briefing in Beijing in February.   (AP Photo/Andy Wong, File) And even though it is the right conscious decision it has riled up conservatives otherwise feel quite emboldened to spread misinformation. This week -- Twitter announced that it would indefinitely begin fact-checking tweets that otherwise are obviously misinformation meant to spread just that. In no surprise fashion, the social network reportedly began with none other than Donald Trump. On Tuesday, Twitter announced quite publicly that a number of Trump 's tweets (particularly about mail-in ballots) would be marked with links to verifiable info that overshadow this otherwise deceptive tweets about the very topic. Conservatives are largely...
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