Presidential candidate Joe Biden is a candidate that has made it clear that he does not want Medicare for All (probably in fact at all.) In an interview published Friday, the Democratic candidate had this to say when questioned as to whether or not he believed Medicare for All would’ve at least helped further slow the Coronavirus pandemic.

“If you had Medicare for all option now, it still has to be implemented by the federal government,” the former veep told ABC News during an interview Thursday.

“Look, here’s the point, the idea that this would have stopped the virus from occurring, the idea it would have been able to be implemented earlier, the idea it wold have fundamentally changed anything is just not accurate,” Biden continued when asked whether the private sector could meet the growing demands of the current pandemic.

“Besides, you got to pass what is a $35 trillion bill over the next 10 years. Mildly complicated.”


“What we should be doing is having the Affordable Care Act, add the public option for those who want it, meaning Medicare if that’s what they want rather than keep their own health insurance policies,” he said.

“If you notice, it’s not about whether health insurance is available to people that have private insurance, it’s not about that now. It’s about whether or not the government is going to be able to implement all the things they’re supposed to be doing, so I don’t see where Medicare for all would make any difference.”

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