Influencer: a title I’ve never really accepted and honestly have never fully understood what that event meant. It took essentially the plague to actually force me into a revelation, er, that resulted in me learning quite a bit during what was self-imposed quarantine to now mandatory quarantine.

I’ve learned that people oddly turn to influencers (some) to learn; engage, and take in different things going on in the world. I’m not the typical kind of influencer — as Buzzfeed jokingly calls in the “Newsletter: Look At Me.”

People have come to me in e-mails; tweets, text messages, and everything in between to determine the best course of action for themselves. In the beginning, I wondered why.

And then someone explained it. As the publisher of this blog, I’ve always tried to instruct my editors and even encourage myself to tell the news as if we were speaking to our friends. One thing I hate about the mainstream news — is how corporate and robotic they often sound. There’s no life; there’s no personality (often times), and mostly it’s just boring.

A reader helped me understand why I am apparently classified as an influencer.

“You’re an influencer in the sense that so many people turn to you and your friends for the news and whatever else you guys publish. You’d be lying to yourself if you thought otherwise: take one look at your rise in visitors.”

I guess when I had always heard the term influencer — I thought of someone otherwise socially awkward; pretentious, and often appearing on social media in a very cardboard-advertisement-cutout-type-of–way. Actually sitting down and reading many of the e-mails from people — I’ve realised the worth we have and the “influencer” value we possess.

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