Editors note: This is probably important to read. We’re consulting with legal about the release of the images and with our sources. See: Source reveals hundreds of chargebacks, use of Inovio payment systems.

Editors note 5 April 2020 – As a result of discussions with those that own this newspaper, we are proceeding with the publication of images and the variant that back up many of the claims made by users and our source. The images have been released here. Subsequently, we’ve discovered a bank receipt that shows Onlyfans.com listed as a “Telemarketing Service.”

Editors note: 7 April 2020 – On Tuesday, News Now discovered that it appears that Onlyfans is quietly attempting to update their FAQ ‘s and Terms without much of notice to its users. We’ve discovered new mentions of chargebacks and apparent “notification” e-mails sent to users when such happens.

To view their Terms click here.

To view their FAQ ‘s click here.

I, although not publicly identified for the sake of protecting my identity, provided verifiably accurate employee information to this newspaper and gave them access to an employee dashboard to confirm I am who I say I am. This newspaper has done a universally excellent job in reporting on what they’ve got so far, and I have agreed to cooperate further.

At a point in history, Onlyfans was probably one of the best and easiest ways to make and generate online income in a fast; reliable, and usually safe way. But as an employee (formerly a contractor), I’ve learned that there were ulterior motives behind the business-driven idealisms of none other than the Stokely family. As an employee, I’ve seen money mismanagement; financial discrepancies and outright sabotage among those on-top as the company has long scrambled to remain afloat.

This screenshot, which is all over the internet, is important. Onlyfans is aware of the fraud because they’re doing it. You could say that there are 3 different kinds of agents. Low; medium, and super. Medium-to-super agents have the ability to see almost any and everything through their dashboards. Agents are being told to tell users their e-mails aren’t in the system when contacted about fraudulent charges… when in fact.. they are.

Users and performers should be not be surprised as people continue to come forward. When word spread through Onlyfans that this newspaper had gotten their hands on financial records; names, addresses, and other otherwise confidential information chaos followed. There are agents and the like who are seeking to find out who exactly turned over the information to these reporters.

But for the love of God, it was time.

In the beginning, Onlyfans struggled deeply gaining users and maintaining their financials within the company due to lack of interest in the social network altogether. You could say in more ways than one this is where pornstars; escorts, and everybody in-between became a wildly successful gift to executives who sought to increase revenue practically at any and all costs.

I think it’s important to remember that the Stokely family had already been sort-of financially struggling beforehand (long before Onlyfans.). Guy hasn’t always had the most success with businesses, erm, even as a number of them have shuttered throughout the years. His longest tenure is actually with something called Windhill Investments Ltd, an equally and particularly shoddy investment firm that he has run for upwards of 19 years.

Timothy himself has long battled with a number of financial and debt issues that helped lead what was an initial steep decline in revenue as he and at least two others sought to take huge compensation bonuses for their positions. But at the time, there was no viable justification for compensation packages to the tune of hundreds-of-thousands of £’s when the company just wasn’t producing that kind of money to be shelling out. It could be argued that Timothy ‘s financial issues date back to when we found out that Onlyfans’ originally wasn’t a Stokeley creation.

In fact, it had belonged to someone entirely different. One of the many problems with Onlyfans is that with any unoriginal idea, unless you know what the fuck you’re doing, eventually the cash-cow is going to run dry. And it has. Users often are struggling to get paid; some shortchanged all together, and others just not paid at all… but here’s why.

Over the past, probably 3 or so years, the Stokely ‘s and the execs have struggled to find payment processors that can or would even at all deal with a website that isn’t fully registered the way it should be. There’s also the fact that executives aren’t disclosing on business records that Onlyfans even exists (at least in full), and on most of them there is no total mention that pornographic content and videos are collected.

I mention that because OF has had a number of issues with you guessed it Visa. Since roughly 2017, they’ve had to either haggle; bribe, or flat out almost lose our partnership with Visa because they have such strict regulations in regards to platforms that house porn.

And then the adult film stars showed up. Some of them came with so many followers and publicity, that executives including Timothy and people like Guy all saw it as an opportunity to milk the cow for as long they could. Behind the scenes, however, the Stokely ‘s and executives (and a number of investors) struggled with the idea that their application (“Onlyfans”) would no longer be considered mainstream and instead had become the home of some of the most famous pornstars you could think of.

Editorial note: We have since learned that Onlyfans’ claim on their website that they use CCBILL appears to be accurate. But it appears their relationship with the processor may be in a quarrel as they’ve reportedly got multiple violations on the table. Their “fraud prevention” service (the opposite processor Securion Pay (for non-porn related payments) also appears to have failed. So much of their payment processing system has fallen into question. This is in line with the claims made by the employee as it appears Onlyfans may once again be in jeopardy of losing payment abilities.


This is a problem because technically we don’t really have a payment processor. We use a number of security features and whatnot and have had a few over the years but due to the rigid rules; and high fees because OF is “high risk” executives largely have avoided them. The processors or “payment programs” that we do have aren’t actually full payment processors because we’re in trouble with processors over a number of violations and often are the subject of investigation(s).

Onlyfans was forced to take matters into its own hands because of their own lies on business records and to the original payment processors. Greed; malfeasance, and professional negligence led to the loss of important partnerships that otherwise would’ve made it very easy for users and models to earn their monies the right way. With the processing problems came the fact that cash has also started to run dry.

Cash has been running low since about the Spring of last year. I believe it was in 2018 that Fenix reported a debt significantly larger than the prior one that led accountants and such to determine that a new financial plan had to be made.

As this continues to unfold, there will be more evidence that performers arae being used and duped while execs/Stokely’s are making off with huge sums of money. From the inside looking out, go somewhere else. There are plenty of other platforms out there. Unless there is suddenly a change at the top, performers should run for the hills. You’re setting yourself up coming to Onlyfans at this present time.


This article now mentions the following which we’ve found after publication.

  1. The processing systems that are used charge high fees due to OF being “high risk.” Among them – CCBILL. The processors though appears to have a number of complaints against the site and we have confirmed that multiple more have been submitted by users in the past 24 hours.
  2. CCBILL lists mentions of “youth” or the appearance of such as a violation of such of their own policy. For example, the profile Onlyfans.com/Britishteens appears to be in violation of those very rules. A complaint filed with CCBILL lists that profile as an example among several other instances of refusal to address the widespread problem of fraud and spam profiles on the website.

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