This is your daily Coronavirus update by the Daily News. We’ll try to keep it short and simple and allot less dramatic compared to other sites out there. In this update — we’ve got a number of territories covered.


  1. Michael Gove, of the United Kingdom, is now the latest government minister to self-isolate. According to officials, Gove had been in contact with a family member who recently began exhibiting symptoms of the killer bug.
  2. Spain ‘s death toll according to government ministers has once again risen. The country recorded 743 deaths from the virus yesterday.
  3. New Zealand ‘s questionably erratic health minister has been demoted after it was discovered they had also flouted social distancing rules.
  4. The UK ‘s death toll is now at 5,373.
  5. PA News reports that at least 9 prisoners across a variant of UK prisons have died from the Coronavirus.

Page updates as more information becomes available to our news team.

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