Dear Readers,

Recently, a newswire service that runs through our blog ran a series of articles that have ignited quite a bit of discussion online. As a blog, we’d like to sort of point out that News Now is not part of our blog itself we simply host their column. We do that for a number of services and others. The Twitter that hosts our name is serviced the same way, unless tweets are signed by us (-BD). the tweets are likely not from us and instead one of the many services or columns that we host.

We have no intention of running the article through columns of our own staff members as we have declined to carry that particular story. We don’t actually want anything to do with it due to the obvious controversy surrounding the story.

Onlyfans has had a wide range of issues since its inception in 2016 that is and has mostly been public information ever since.

You might notice that this blog is called Bazaar Daily News. The column is called News Now, we are two different organisations. We are based in the United Kingdom/United States and they’re based in Madrid. Staff members from Bazaar Daily News are unable to answer any questions about these particular articles as they’re not hosted directly within our dashboard(s).

We’d just like to make that abundantly clear. We have nothing to do with the Onlyfans articles printed in the News Now column. That is a Spanish owned newswire service that hosts their column within our blog. Nothing more nothing less. We do not have editorial control over their newswire service.

As a result of their articles, we have asked News Now to create their own Twitter and cease sharing their column by way of our social media pages.

At least one of their editors has been suspended for mistagging articles as having been written by one of ours. No member of our team is permitted to cover this story.

As we always have, a friendly piece of advice for Onlyfans performers.

Onlyfans began as a great idea and in more ways than one still is a great idea. However, to deny the fact that the site has been plagued by problems for years would be a crime not only to a performer but to many others around them. We say this as some of us at Bazaar Daily News have Onlyfans pages ourselves, and have experienced some of the issues that News Now published in their column.

It’s safe to say nobody is telling people to delete Onlyfans. With a site of that sheer size, problems are almost inevitable especially with things like payment processors and getting around government restrictions depending on the territory in question.

We’d like to remind people that each persons’ experience is and has always been significantly different than the next. Just like Facebook; Twitter, and other sites everybody has different experiences. To negate someone else’s experience because you as an individual have never had an issue is irresponsible to say the least and selfish.

Alike many of you, we’re also reading the articles in News Now. Some of them we’ve questioned more than others, however, we have no reason to believe that their editors published misinformation. As you should with various kinds of online services (especially those that involve monies; payments, and taxes) exercise caution where appropriate.

Surely hope everyone’s safe,

Bazaar Daily News

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