The somewhat good news in America this week and it has made our stories of the week list. Over the past week, the Trump Administration learned that its draconian rule that would’ve killed thousands off of food stamps has been placed on hold, potentially for the foreseeable future.

According to a ruling by District Court Judge Beryl Howell ruled that to do such during a global pandemic pretty much would’ve run afoul of everything that America stands for. As a result, the rule change will not go into play on 1 April. The Department of Agriculture has since refused to confirm (and confusingly) deny as to whether or not they’ll appeal the decision.

And then came a statement from the department on the matter and the readying of an appeal.

A  spokesperson told the Associated Press the department “disagrees with the court’s reasoning and will appeal its decision.” But on Thursday, the department changed course. It refused to say one way or another whether it would appeal the ruling, and released a statement to BuzzFeed News saying, “we are going to comply with the legislation which really pauses that during this public health emergency.”

Meanwhile, the Coronavirus relief bill effectively would’ve killed the rule change anyway but a judge had already ruled it was unfair. At least for the duration of the virus, benefits will largely remain the same.

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