Looks like those checks that many Americans would’ve been able to put to some sort of use may not be happening after all. On Monday, it emerged out of Washington that Democrats were forced to vote down due to Republicans not providing enough support for Americans in the bill.

Let’s break it down:

Democrats are arguing for:

  1. Medical insurance/healthcare for Americans who recently lost their jobs/etc.
  2. Expanded unemployment insurance for Americans and not just three months (the Republicans only want to provide such for 3months max.)
  3. Expanded food security aid to ensure every American household can put food on the table.

Republicans are arguing for:

A) Three months of all of the above — no word on whether or not that would be extended if the virus continues on after three months.

The Senate is expected to vote again on the bill this afternoon although it likely won’t go far without further extended protections for Americans in these uncertain times.

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