I live in New York; live alone, and am about to be Quarantined alone — here’s how I plan to make it through

I live in New York; live alone, and am about to be Quarantined alone — here’s how I plan to make it through

With the shelter-in-place orders “official” as of tonight — New York is all but officially quarantined as of midnight. That now means that:

  1. All gatherings are banned.
  2. You are only allowed out if you’re essential; grocery shopping, a trip to the hospital, or picking up meds.
  3. You can step out for exercise — but you are required to keep your distance at all times.
  4. You are quarantined in the sense of social-distancing. Social interaction is all but non-existent pretty much outside of the essentials for the foreseeable future. (at least in person)

“Self-Quarantine” – “Social Distancing” – “Quarantine” – “Hiding From Miss Rona” … there are many names for what the world is going through right now. But the isolation of it all is already driving some bonkers, especially those who like me actually live alone. I don’t have the annoyingly enduring luxury of a roommate. but I’ve found some quirky ways to make up for that. because truthfully the isolation is already setting in.

This is my cat. He’s also my Quarantine buddy. His name is Cartier Bijoux IV.

When I say alone I mean alone. Even my parents live thousands of miles away as do all of my siblings. I began quarantine early-on for the most part to like others help others — and for myself. Because if something were to happen to me, I would like many others at this point, unfortunately, die alone in quarantine. And I do not want to go out that way.

This is why I’m utilizing my devices more than ever before. So let’s begin.

  1. I found this app called Rave (because for the love of god I couldn’t get Netflix Party to work.)

As a replacement to Netflix Party, I found RAVE. A free app that you guessed it lets you do exactly the same as Netflix Party (and it doesn’t have to be on Chrome.). I tested it out last night with some friends watching that limited Netflix series about Madame CJ Walker. It worked perfectly; audio and video quality great, and the chat functions worked flawlessly. You can sign in on Facebook; Google, and I believe your regular e-mail.

Cost: FREE.

2. Because I refuse to be on Facetime 24/7……

I’m bringing it back to like 2012 with this one. There’s an app that allows you to video text. with each other in a usually fast manner instead of literally texting. GLIDE works cross-platform IOS/Android and can be used to communicate with people around the world.

Cost: FREE!

3. Twitch

Of course, everybody knows this one. As a Ps4 owner, I had to bring this one up because gaming is all but vital at this point. I purchased my PS4 literally days before chaos unravelled — and haven’t regretted it since. Twitch has helped me stream; stay close with gaming friends, and meet some new ones (and of course get my ass kicked a few times along the way.)

Cost: FREE


It wouldn’t be a social ready list unless I mentioned this one. Because let me tell you, I’ve seen some of the funniest Tiktok videos from people in quarantine. Turns out people are far more creative and funny when they actually have to be rather than when they’re just trying to hard.

LINKS: RAVE – https://rave.io

Tiktok – https://www.tiktok.com/en/

Glide – https://www.glide.me

Twitch – Twitch.tv

PSN USERS: Feel free to add me on PSN KingSully97. I own the following games: Call of Duty Modern Warfare; Bioshock, Need For Speed, Sims 4, Tom Clancy ‘s Division 2, and a few others. Message me online and we’ll see about playing!

Sultan H. Khane II is the Editor-in-Chief of Bazaar Daily News and its 5 sister properties.

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