According to newly leaked documents about SARS-COV-2 (otherwise known as the Coronavirus/COVID-19) “patient zero” was actually a woman in China who DID indeed work at the now-shuttered seafood market. Leaked Chinese documents show that the woman (who has been identified as Ms Wei) was at the time selling [unlawfully] shrimp and other specimens inside the store.

The woman has been identified as Wei Guixian although she was not initially full identified during her interview with The Paper.

Initially, nobody knew who the virus came from or where the Chinese may have thought it originated due to numerous misinformation campaigns at the hands of multiple government and foreign powers. The documents clear that up by confirming that Wei was infected with was then a virtually unknown virus around 11 December.

However, it is worth noting that “patient zero” is actually a patient that hasn’t been identified as the very first patient is believed to have actually been infected in November of last year. Although because the report is classified it didn’t reveal much information about that individual.

As it turns out, Wei reportedly didn’t actually get a full determination of what was wrong with her until 16 December when she arrived at an actual hospital (because local clinics were epic failures.). There she learned that more than a dozen different patients had already shown up with identical symptoms, essentially marking the beginning of the global pandemic we’re experiencing today.

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