Beginning Sunday night amid a crazy increase in coronavirus cases, Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that all gatherings are banned; people must stay six feet from each other in public, and that he’s pretty much scared at the outcome of what this may do to New York.

The rules come amid increased testing across the state which has the total number of infections jumping higher than they probably thought. It also comes one day after California ordered all 40m residents inside indefinitely.

It must be said that this isn’t martial law. You’re still permitted to go grocery shopping; pick up 💊‘s, and care for your family. You however aren’t allowed to go outside to lollygag around.

This means:

1. Gatherings are banned of any size. You risk possible imprisonment and fines for doing such.

2. You can only leave your home for essentials like medicine; solitary exercise, the market, and the doctors. All other travels are pretty much restricted.

3. You must stay six feet from each other while out shopping and getting essentials. This goes into effect pretty much sundown on SUNDAY.

Who is exempt?

  • Health Care workers.
  • Food suppliers and deliverers.
  • Pharmacy workers.
  • Utility workers, including internet providers.

What happens if I don’t comply?

This is not voluntary. You will be asked to return home and fines and business closures are real folks. They’re not playing.

How long will this last?

According to Cuomo, this could go on for months.

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