Coronavirus cases in NY SOAR past 20k: Governor

Coronavirus cases in NY SOAR past 20k: Governor

ALBANY — During a presser this morning, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a grim stat for New York as a whole. According to the Governor’s Office, there are now more than 20,000 cases of the killer novel Coronavirus in New York state. That means that New York now accounts for 5% of all cases known worldwide.

The Gov announced that since Sunday at sundown, there has been an increase in cases amounting to a staggering 5,707 bringing the total to a dizzying 20,875. Roughly about 12.8k of those cases remain within the confinements of all five of the boroughs.

Editors note: For the love of god people, please remember to wash your hands and protect yourself.

Cuomo additionally confirmed that at least 13% of all of those cases are ALL* hospitalized at this time.

Sultan H. Khane II is the Editor-in-Chief of Bazaar Daily News and its 5 sister properties.

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