It is a time that in our almost 20-year history — we have never plausibly imagined we’d experience. The stunning rise of the coronavirus led to the evacuation of our office space in Manhattan; the evacuation of our space in London, and has led to nearly all of our editors being placed under quarantine orders around the world.

When news of the coronavirus hit our internal chatrooms, like many of you panic ensued and a scramble began to figure out what was going on; why, who, and whether or not it was as bad as other media outlets were making it out to be. That alone is one of the reasons why we stopped the release of our subscription magazine because we didn’t want the magazine to interfere with this one and accidentally lock any articles unintentionally.

Within the first 24 hours of the outbreak, we received more than 11,034 emails from readers asking to share as much credible information as we had on hand with them for themselves and their families. We are still continuing to do such as we speak.

If you’ve got a question about the coronavirus or want to share your coronavirus story: .

The fact that so many of you have turned to us in the fact of a very real disaster absolutely touches our souls in ways that we cannot put into words. The trust you guys have given us is extraordinary.

In these dark times, we’d like to remind everybody that mankind has prevailed throughout a ton throughout history. The bubonic plague; black death, the Spanish flu, and so on. All of these major events throughout history had profound changes on mankind — but mankind has always done its best to survive.

Now is a time that we as a society can take a moment for ourselves; practice some yoga, spend time with our families (and furry friends), and protect those around us. These are mostly unchartered waters for most of us — but we will get through this together. And please if you have an elderly member of your family do not let them go grocery shopping alone.

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