Understandably, people far-and-wide are skeptical of anything to do with festivals after the ironically iconic failure that later became the Fyre Festival. Now we can enter the *Lovers and Friends* festival into the same rocketship that thankfully took the Fyre festival deep into the oblivion ahead of. us — and never let it back into our lives.

Apparently this “Lovers and Friends” festival first popped up online over the weekend and quickly caught steam online for what would’ve been a pretty radical line up (by that I mean a legendary one for the level of pure nostalgia here.)

The lineup also claims to include: Nelly, T-Pain, Sean Paul, Brandy, Monica, Ja Rule and Fat Joe, SWV, Foxy Brown, Ginuwine, Dru Hill, Next, 112, Mario, Eve, Trina, Tweet, Amerie, Cam’ron, Mike Jones, Montell Jordan, UMI, Jon B., Baby Bash, Frankie J, and Nina Sky.

The lineup.. promises everybody from Lauryn Hill to Common; Usher, Twista, and dozens of other rappers and musicians. The problem? Problems first arose after US rapper Lil Kim took to Instagram shutting down rumours that she was a part of the festival — because as it turns out she definitely isn’t.

EDITORIAL NOTE: Since Friday, we’ve been paying attention to this situation as it has continued to unfold. From what we’ve gathered, the promoters of this festival are actually real but what actually happened was that they announced this lineup before the full lineup was actually even confirmed/paid. Some of the following artists have been confirmed for attendance while a chunk of the others haven’t.

Snoop; LiL Kim, and an. assortment of others that originally led the charge that the festival may have been fake have now all confirmed that they’ve apparently been paid and will appear. We will update this article when we learn whether or not the others have confirmed their payments/attendance.

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