Actress Hayden Panettiere is in trouble and may not know how to save herself according to new reports. Police reports out of Jackson Hole Wyoming confirm that her boyfriend Brian Hickerson was once again booked for domestic violence (this time against the actress herself.)

Reports show that Hickerson was booked on Friday for assault and battery after having reportedly punched Hayden on the right side of her face. A document attached to one of the police reports show that Hayden was visibly injured upon the police having arrived.

The news was subsequently confirmed. by TMZ on Tuesday night when multiple US outlets obtained their own copies of the police reports.

This also comes after a reported incident in May when Hickerson was also booked on then domestic violence charges after a drunken altercation with Hayden.

The Daily News confirmed via previously published news reports that Hickerson was arrested sometime during the Fall of 2018 after violently assaulting his own father. Multiple sources tell The Daily News that Hickerson has “long had a violent history and this isn’t new whatsoever.”

Reps for Hayden declined to comment. asdf

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