Here I am wearing the mini-grey Ear Joy ear plugs as I thoroughly enjoy the noise cancelling these offer.

Recently I had the opportunity to try out Ear Joy’s noise-cancelling ear-plugs. The experience has been wildly comforting because they came with a pair of grey ones that particularly cancel noise but still allow me to fully hear.

These earplugs are my new must-have accessory in my bag being a New Yorker on the move. As someone who rides the subway; interacts in the city, and often is among those at events with loud noises — these bad boys are my go-to must-haves.

I was eager to try these plugs because loud noises and obnoxious sounds give me extreme anxiety, something I’ve come to develop since calling New York home. The small size and comfortable build make them very easy to wear as I have come to discover that I have no problem also wearing my over-the-headphones with them still on.

Easily the products are some of the best earplugs I’ve used to date and would highly recommend them to readers; friends, and family.

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