New news on the coronavirus front —- and some of it appears to play into fears that officials may not be able to contain the spread of the deadly virus. In the past few days — multiple countries have reported eerily problematic spikes in cases as “cluster spots” appear throughout the world.

Pictured ambulances and health workers outside the hospital in Padua / EPA Credit.

Multiple experts have told an assortment of news outlets that it isn’t the huge number of cases that remains the issue – – it’s the fact that there are so many people in “cluster spots” around the world that make it almost impossible for officials to keep up.

What is the biggest problem?

After sudden hotspots in Singapore; Iran, and at least two other countries popped up several experts sounded the alarm on what they’ve dubbed “cluster spots”. Those spots are pockets of the world where it is difficult or near impossible for officials to totally track down the source of the virus — forget about containing it.

One report suggested that a large part of the spread probably could be attributed to those whom aren’t showing much more than a set of mild symptoms. Therefore, in those types of cases, people probably aren’t aware and might be continuing on with their daily lives.

The latest of red flags…

The latest red flags reportedly mostly come from Iran (who suddenly has its own spike in the virus currently at 28 infected individuals. Reports of virus in Italy and at least one reported death have resulted in the lockdown(s) of at 12 localities within the city of Lombardy.

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