This is a travel advisory notice/article advising people of the latest on the novel coronavirus and its sudden “cluster spots” popping up around the world. In the past 72 hours since our last update:

Cases have soared in:

  1. Italy (travel restrictions imposed)
  2. Iran (borders restricted)
  3. South Korea (cases now at 602, travel alert issued)

As a result:

  1. The Venice festival has been cancelled in Italy
  2. The White House in America is expected to ask Congress for coronavirus funds next week.
  3. At least 8 reported deaths are currently listed out of Iran.

What we know so far:

  1. Patient Zero (this time around) has not been found in either of the countries named.
  2. Scientists now believe that the virus was imported to China after multiple tests reportedly revealed that it would’ve been impossible to have solely originated in the now shuttered seafood market in Wuhan.
  3. Chinese officials maintain that things are under control, but the virus is now nearing global pandemic levels.

The Daily News’ SHK and Paige MacArthur contributed to this report.

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