A new documentary and subsequent lawsuit out this week tells a bizarre tale of how Tupac allegedly is alive and living in New Mexico with the Navajo tribe. As much as we wish that opening paragraph was a joke — it isn’t.

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According to the doc’s producer Rick Boss, he claims that Shakur then 25 fled the University Medical Center in 1996 after having been shot four times. It’s worth noting that these claims are unsubstantiated and have never been proven.

Boss claims that on the night Shakur was shot (the assailant was never caught) that he was ACTUALLY INFORMED of the hit on him ahead of time which later resulted in the hatched plan being born.

KTNV: ‘After the shooting. What’s next? This movie is about Tupac actually escaping from University Medical Center here in Vegas and relocating to New Mexico.

‘Getting protection from the Navajo tribe. When certain FBI agencies are looking for you, they are going to block the airport.

‘So you can’t travel out so the best way to escape is through helicopter, private helicopter to another state.’ 

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