Looks like Trump ‘s impeachment counsel/team is getting off to a rough start. Memos and letters sent by Impeachment Managers to Trump ‘s team and counsel reportedly showed on Tuesday that Pat Cipollone has been declared a material witness to the trial. Therefore, that means that at some point could potentially be withdrawn from the case entirely.

Here’s what we understand so far from the kickoff day of the impeachment trial:

  • McConnell has denied at least for now requests for witnesses.
  • Pat may be withdrawn from the case if Dems have their way over concerns that dual-roles among Pat may be cause for major concern.
  • Their core argument is that his representation of Trump threatens to “undermine the integrity” of the trial. No word on how Republicans feel about that.
  • Chief Justice John Roberts presided and began the case shortly after 1pm locale time.
  • Democrats are expected to begin their prosecutorial arguments on Wednesday.
  • McConnell has caved to adding one more day for cases to be made amid claims he’s covering up.

Impeachment managers reportedly included in their letter the fact that the likes of Fiona Hill, as well as Purple Heart Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman both testified that a lawyer who reports directly to Pat — a man that has been identified as John Eisenberg. Managers implicated that Trump and Eisenberg had “conspired” and that Pat may have reported direct knowledge of said conspiracy.

Factoids to remember:

  • Cipollone is implicated in the 2nd of two impeachment articles pertaining to the Obstruction of Congress charge against Trump. That impeachment charge notes that Cipollone conspired with his office/the White House to conceal the original unredacted transcript of that now-infamous impeachment-inducing phone call.
  • Democrats argue that Cipollone is the “bombastic signatory” to an 8 October 2019 letter notating that Donald Trump would refuse all attempts to cooperate with the House impeachment investigation and all things related.

This is probably a good place to remind people that Cipollone ‘s salary is borne explicitly from American taxpayers.

White House director of legislative affairs Eric Ueland immediately quashed the effort and everything related during an evening T.V appearance. ‘House Democrats are trying to run one of the President’s strongest advocates off the case before it even starts,’ he told CNN. ‘They won’t succeed.’

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