Mitt Romney is up to his shit again. This. time similar to his attempt around 2010 or so, he’s got new act out called the TRUST act. In briefings for the act, it has been revealed that Mitt Romney attempted to host discussions for the act behind closed doors rather than before the American public (consider it hits everybody.)

This aligns with many long-standing attempts at gutting social security and Medicare. It makes no sense to gut something that American people are paying for themselves, not exactly the other way around. This seems like nothing more than a rich-assholes attempt to stop paying his fair share into something every American has paid for.

This perhaps is why Democrats and the Dem controlled House introduced the 2100 Act. That act since its inception around November of last year aims to raise/has raised benefits for everybody and has set in place safeguards to prevent people like Romney from taking much-needed benefits away from the most vulnerable in America.

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