As I’ve said for many years I firmly do not believe that we are the only species on earth  (and by that I mean, there’s something out there what exactly that  is remains to be scientifically determined.). Now in response to a man’s FOIA request, the U.S Navy has admitted to the existence of a “tic tac extraterrestrial” video dating back to 2004.  A brief online search found that the video and the previous rumour of it happens to be one of the most famous I’ve found.


The video seen below shows a very obvious object flying in the area off the coast of Mexico.   There are no obvious wings present and at the time of the video those within the Navy who spotted it — have told numerous outlets that (including New York Magazine) that there were no reports of classified military projects at that time.

The significance of the video is pretty obvious because it is yet another instance that the government/military in the United States appears to have almost come into contact with objects that cannot normally be explained to the human eye.   I’m talking about 14 November 2004 off the coast of Mexico — when the U.S Navy came into contact with a wingless flying object. that is and has long been believed to have been extraterrestrial.

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