What we’re covering today, and what we’ve learned as of Wednesday morning 8:14 EST (New York Time.)

  • 132 people (although it is widely believed to be significantly higher) have died in China from the virus. That is the only number being publicly given to western media from China ‘s version of the CDC.
  • According to WHO; the CDC in the U.S, and China ‘s governing CDC, more than 6k cases have been reported worldwide.
  • Some 2k+ stores in China have been shuttered amid one of the worst medical emergencies China ‘s has seen since the great SARS infection that ravaged Hong Kong and neighbouring areas more than 10 years ago.
  • According to Chinese officials, some 60m people are under total or partial lockdowns throughout China. Nobody is permitted to leave.
  • Tibet has now confirmed that it has its first case. Tibet was previously the only region in China that didn’t have the virus.

As we continue to learn more about the evacuation efforts on behalf of various governments, we’ll continue to report it as we get it.

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