The exit of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex from the royal family “at least not fully” has all but shaken Buckingham Palace over the past week and some change. Now that a formal deal has been hashed out, Harry has now spoken out and terms of his deal have now been made mostly public.

  1. Harry and Meghan will forfeit $3.1m to return to taxpayers for Frogmore renovations

Despite outcry and reports otherwise, the couple will repay taxpayer money that was spent on their coottage. It will remain their UK residence.

2. Harry will …

Forfeit all military titles; his HRH title (as will she), and they will not be permitted to use them again because they no longer represent the Queen herself. As of this writing though, the HRH references remain on the couple’s newly formed Sussex royal website.

3. As UK citizens/US citizen (Meghan)…

They can only spend about 6 months in Canada without formal citizenship. They’ll have to split their time between America and Canada and eventually back home in United Kingdom.

4. It remains unclear…

Exactly what will happen if anything to the Sussex Royal brand as the letter HRH now have to be removed from everything.

It is widely believed that the couple may be intent on obtaining Canadian citizenship as they are reportedly trying to buy a $21m Vancouver mansion.

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