BOMBSHELL developments in the abdication of Prince Harry and his wife The Duchess of Sussex. According to The Daily Mail, the royal couple not only abdicated their duties but it appears that they will actually keep their HRH titles despite the controversy. The newspaper claims that the royal family learned the hard way after backstabbing the late Princess Diana when she was then stripped of hers.

The Mail claims that the royal family is in full blown crisis mode as aides; courtiers, and the like are hashing out royal roles for the future and exactly how Meghan and Harry will remain part of the family. It appears by all accounts that the couple will remain an active part of the family, however, they will be granted the independence in which they sought.

For our American readers who may be unaware, royal family members are barred from maintaining personal lives. They cannot be financially independent; work for themselves, or anything in between. In fact, it is widely considered a break from tradition — something Queen Elizabeth II herself has long feared of actually happening.

Meanwhile, multiple other reports are out this morning claiming that the Queen herself is furious at the fact that Prince Harry ignored her requests to keep the announcement private. That in itself comes amid confirmation that The Duchess of Sussex has touched down in Canada and is believed to be hiding in a billionaire’s hideaway.

Buckingham Palace refused to comment when contacted. by The Daily. News for comment.

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