A look inside 3 of the Royal Family ‘s stunningly opulent homes

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The Royal Family is no stranger to extreme opulence; glamour, and literal money and their homes are no different. Through a glimpse in this newspaper, take a look at some of their most stunning properties across the region.

Althorp House

David Goddard/Getty Images

The stunning estate proved to stand the test of time as it housed 19 centuries (unbelievable!) of the Spencer dynasty. It has also long been rumoured and widely reported by multiple home and garden magazines that this was the home in which Princess Diana spent much of her younger years.

Balmoral Castle

Perhaps one of the Queenie ‘s many favourite castles, Balmoral Castle is probably one of the Royal Family ‘s more notable residences as it has been around since about 1848. Like many of the RF ‘s residences, this one is also open to the public and can be rented for events.


We had never heard of this residence before this exploratory guide on ROYAL FAMILY ‘s opulent residences. Birkhall was inherited by Prince Charles from grandmother The Queen Mother upon her death at the age of 101.

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