In case it couldn’t get any worse for Andrew it definitely does and he has nobody to blame but himself. According to published reports on Monday morning, Andrew has been uncovered to be the owner of a secret shell company with one of his billionaire banksy buddies. That same banksy buddy has now been revealed to be quite the individual — one with apparently such an open wallet that he funded not only the company but also Fergie ‘s own debts.

It has been revealed that Andrew owns 40% of an asset mgmt company in the British Virgin Islands with the help of Mr. Rowland.

His banksy buddy has reportedly been identified as David “Spotty” Rowland. Rowland owns a Luxemburg bank meant to serve the uber wealthy and the up-and-coming famous. The revelation made it clear that Andrew not only cozied up to the banker but also appears to have allegedly abused his position as Britain ‘s trade envoy to enrich himself and others.

Officials are now preparing to warn Buckingham Palace that inquiries may take place into Andrew ‘s doings. It remains unclear if Andrew can prosecuted for wrongdoings of such kind considering he is still part of The Crown.

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