But for some strange reason, those within red states don’t quite understand that.    On Wednesday, the Trump Administration announced new work requirements that would ultimately make it much harder for people to be exempted from work requirements to get food stamps.

President Trump Signs Agriculture Improvement Act Of 2018

The government claims that the move will save the government $5.5billion over the next 5 years.    But what they’re not explaining to others is the fact that Republican-dominant states will be hit the hardest.  According to statistics readily available from the past 4 or so years, red states are the prime users of food stamps.  The work requirements would make it extremely difficult for people who live in rural areas over those who live in larger urban/city areas.

For example — 328,000 in Florida; 200,000 in New York, 97,000 in Georgia, and 176,000 in Washington state. 16% of recipients in the following states stand to lose their benefits all together… Oregon, Nevada, Iowa, and Delaware.   Two of every 13 households that receive grocery assistance in the state of Texas will be forced to find food elsewhere.



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