Alright, people listen up. If you in the past 8 years have gone to the University of Phoenix — chances are this probably applies to you. Last night, it was confirmed that the University had reached a settlement to the tune of $191m with the FTC.

That settlement comes quite a bit of time after the University was sued by the FTC for misrepresenting itself; its relationship with companies and job prospects with said major companies. As a result of that settlement, the University has agreed to cancel all debt for eligible students who fall into a period of certain enrollment.

After seeing that confirmed on the news last night, I immediately did a bit of digging because I attended that school during the time period mentioned in the original news stories.

Here’s also some pertinent advice I was given by my loan servicer:

If you were a student between Oct. 1, 2012, and the end of 2016 then you likely qualify for the settlement. According to the University of Phoenix, loans for the eligible students from the period mentioned will automatically be cancelled. No further action is needed from students. I can confirm this because after noticing the news story, I then logged into my ghostly-UoP account and realzied that all $21k in student loans from this school had vanished.

All loans from this school for eligible students are expected to be wiped by the end of February. If you are eligible for the settlement, both the school and the Department. of Education has confirmed that students will receive letters in the mail in about a weeks time.

Turns out though that the school actually began cancelling debt several months ago. As seen in this screenshot, I confirmed with a rep in their Live Chat that my debt indeed was gone. In fact, it has been gone (in full) since January of this year. I was not aware of that until this news story was confirmed last night.

This was news to me! I was not aware of any of this and I was never told that my debt got cancelled in January.

My current loan servicer (from the actual legit school I am graduating from) told me and recommended that all students from this period of time should apply for and open a Borrowers Defense application for any remaining loans that may still linger after their UoP loans are cancelled. From what I understand, those eligible students alike myself will see all of their loans from the UoP cancelled entirely.

Here is the direct link to open a Borrowers Defense Application. (Login with your FAFSA ID!)

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