This is an emergency broadcast bulletin as ordered by our Editorial Board. A Bronx teenager identified as 16-year old Karol Sanchez is missing. According to police, Sanchez was on a stroll with her Mom when four men abruptly hopped out of a beige sedan and abducted her.

UPDATE: As of 3:03 pm local time, Sanchez has been found alive according to authorities.

EDITORS NOTE: Reports are indicating that this kidnapping may have been a sham/staged at the hands of Karol herself. Although unconfirmed as of this writing — it sounds like Karol staged this kidnapping to avoid an alleged family move back to Honduras. Police are investigating the claims.

A video indeed surfaced online of the abduction. This is hard to watch. Please watch this video and if you know anything phone the police immediately. This young woman’s life depends on it.

This took place around Eagle and E 156th according to the NYPD.


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