These days it really hurts my heart that I open up my world to others only to learn that trusting them, to begin with, was something I shouldn’t have done. As of tomorrow, I have now been forced to file a civil suit against Leon Andrade (aka Kasso) of Kasso Made Brands in New York City. The suit has been filed on grounds of breach of contract and failure to return a pair of luxury shoes that belong to me after having agreed to clean them.

Leon Andrade aka “Kasso” (Kasso Made. Brands)

I and several people close to me have made more than 9 attempts to get the shoes back since September and more than 16 attempts to get them back since they were originally sent out to be cleaned last year.

I’m sure Mr. Andrade is going to actually see this. So here it goes.


I just want you to know that I trusted you with a valuable item that otherwise would’ve never left my house had I known the games you were going to play with them. Those shoes are unbelievably expensive and now I have no choice but to take legal recourse in an attempt to get them back because you’ve played games with me for more than a year… I have text messages to show you have. I’ve asked you to be honest with me so many times and return them and you haven’t. I am not a person that likes excuses and that is all you’ve provided me for a very long time.

If you return the shoes I will call off the civil suit that is now being prepared against you. I don’t want any trouble and I don’t want to take anyone to court for something that could be easily resolved — because a court judgement could and likely would cost you much more than replacing the shoes if something actually happened to them.

You’ve told me many times that they’re in your house “chillin” so I do not understand why you’ve forced my hand and it has come to this to get them back.

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