The cold hard truth about Pete Buttieg

Pete Buttieg is like that self-enriching white gay man in Chelsea that lives in a surreal problematic bubble. His babblings make no sense; his motto is self-serving, and in general much of everything is quite literally only about Pete Buttieg. There’s a stunning sense of self-importance here that seems to have forgotten that Pete Buttieg is running for President and not Prom King.

So when I learned that Buttieg had launched a PAC in 2017 I wasn’t surprised. That seemed pretty typical of most Presidential candidates, except there was a problem… and a big one at that. According to disclosure documents, Buttieg and I cannot stress this enough only used about 10% of those funds towards actually helping candidates whose name wasn’t Pete Buttieg.

The PAC called “Hitting Home” is described (by Pete) as this “mobilize resources to elect Democrats, at every level and in communities both red and blue, who will put the lived experiences of Americans front and center,” Buttigieg wrote.

“We will support candidates who focus on showing voters what we are for — not just what we are against — and understand how to do so in terms of our everyday lives,” he continued.

Interestingly, Buttieg shuttered the PAC just before his campaign was formally announced and actually took off. From about 2017 until the hard fought battle for Dems to win the House — Buttieg raised about $400,000.

But disclosure documents confirm that Buttieg and the PAC only spent about $37,000 actually helping other Dems in any manner win at practically anything. Instead, Buttieg used that PAC and its money to shell out big bucks to Democratic consultants and the like to spice up his image.

Disclosure docs also confirmed the following: $70k went to Lis Smith his now comms director for his campaign; $27.5k went to Michael Schmuhl (treasurer), a finance director received $34.5k, and a Dem media consulting firm was paid $28.5k.

Pete quite literally used his PAC as self-promotion rather than what it was meant for.