A shocking tale of betrayal; unprofessionalism, and everything in between is preparing to wreck the political career of one Katie Hill. According to the Daily Mail,  Hill whom is a member of Congress from California is pictured in the Mail ‘s photographs half-naked; exposed, and kissing on a member of her Congressional support team.


The images have sent shockwaves through Washington although it remains unclear whether or not she will be punished. As a Democrat, perhaps one of the more shocking images is that of Hill nude with a bong but instead, a Nazi-era tattoo is actually exposed.


The Mail managed to discover that the photograph was taken  11 September 2017 before weed was actually legal in California (it remains unclear if she had a medical license for it at the time.

According to Hill, she has now admitted to the affair with her campaign staffer, although did not directly identify them by name.


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