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[How to Guide] Natural home solutions to fend off roaches and other bugs

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CockroachesWith the seasons preparing to change once again, cockroaches and other insects are almost inevitable no matter the city in which ones lives.  Everybody knows the wetter the territory, it is almost fact that you’ll see at least one before the season is officially over.

Natural home remedies/solutions are becoming somethig that I firmly believe in.    Allot of the products; home care products, and the like these days have so many things i nthem that many of them are actually harmful to the environnmentn and to human beings.

Here are some basic tips I’ve learned living in New York and having had numerous friends who’ve suffered these issues.


Fun fact:  Cockroaches aren’t all that common in New York, but during wet times of the year and such waterbugs and the like definitely are.

  1.     Anything peppermint scented

Peppermint oil/scents are definitely one of the easiest way to cause roaches; water bugs, and the like to almost certainly stay away.  Helpful Tip:  Mix peppermint oil/white vinegar for an almost surefire way to rid of the bugs.

2. Boric acid is something you should definitely keep in your home

Mixing an equal part boric acid solution with powdered sugar is an equally cunning bug repellant.

Bonus tip:  If you opt for the peppermint route,  you can actually mix your own pepperment oil scented scent and wipe your hous down with it.   Not only does it actually keep the bugs away, it, actually does smell quite nice.

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Here’s what you shouldn’t  do regardless of the type of bug.

  • Don’t  squash them. Try to naturally kill them with a scent or some form  of such.   Squishing them leads to potentially  causing their little eggs to spread throughout your home regardless of the type of insect that it is (especially cockroaches and waterbugs).


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