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Today is Wednesday, and in America that marks the testimony of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller to several committees in Washington. But controversial or not, Mueller ‘s testimony certainly will have an equal number of disappointments as it does probable shocking revelations considering this is a testimony in the court of law.

Mueller ‘s cinematic 448-page report on Russia’s alleged collusion has roughly been out for about 4 months (publicly available for about 3). That report although politically comical, did end up revealing that Mueller and his team found several instances in which Trump appeared to obstruct justice. The overall conclusion? Because of a Justice Department policy, a sitting president cannot legally be indicted.

Indictments are certainly a legal act, whilst, impeachments are more so political ones. Mueller ‘s report has two-times removed at the minimum confirmed the existence of evidence to begin political action against a person who more than once has grossly abused his powers.

Now 2 years and about $35m later, Democrats are finally seeking to question Mueller over his report even four months after it was originally wrapped. Pundits alike are divided on what such a testimony may yield, however, that remains to be seen. On Tuesday, reports confirmed that Mueller would be side-by-side with his top-deputy, who Trump, has made it clear he isn’t happy that he’ll be present during testimony.

We’ll have more on Mueller as his testimony and news of it becomes public information from the House.

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