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“She’s a liar and doesn’t know how to be a grown woman”

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For many years — my  Aunt Amy led people to bleieve that she was an innocent person and could do absolutely no wrong.   In this instance, we’re going to discuss my Aunt Sissy (may she rest in peace) and Amy. They were sisters.

First and foremost, I’d like to mention this.  These messages were archives about how Amy really felt about her oldest sister (even leading up to her sudden death about 2 years ago).  To add context to this —  I’m going to talk about a certain event that I have struggled with emotionally for a long time.

Screenshot 2019-06-23 at 3.30.41 PM
The following messages were weeks before her sudden wedding to a man she waited months to tell me about. By this time the distance had grown — and the truth about Sissy from her eyes had come out.

Me and my Aunt Sissy were always very close  (even after I forgave her for the hompophobic things she said about me when I was younger).  When  Amy walked out on me  over my gayness, Sissy eventually stepped in and communicated with me often even living on separate sides of the country as the years would go on.


These messages were from the time in which she married a man named Brian.    By December 2017 — Amy had went on only to see Sissy a handful of times before she died. But in front of others, she never acknowledged what she had truly said about her own sister.  In December 2017,  I was in Washington state at the time of death. In fact, I will always treasure the final moments I spent with my Aunt Sissy before she died the next day.

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Amy conned her way into controlling the aftermath of Sissy’s death.   The day before she died — I managed to track her down to a hospital in Tacoma.  With the help of a nurse I was able to see my Aunt Sissy literally minutes before Amy arrived at the hospital.

Her last words to me “I love you so much. Fuck Amy.   Please don’t leave me” before I could make a move eI was whisked away by the nurse and out the eback stairwell because had informed me Amy was en-route to her hospital suite.  It would be the last time I saw Sissy alive.

Those words still resonate today.   Amy’s only older sister never trusted her because she knew what was truly being said about her.   This woman is vile and an absolutee snake in the grass.


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Loves coffee; cute animals, and the world around us. I serve as the Editor-in-Chief and the President of the companies in which own Bazaar Daily News. Follow me on Twitter @HaleemKhane for more amusing updates. *I do not discuss my own political views for obvious reasons*

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