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“Black Jokes were never funny”
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“Black Jokes were never funny”

This is Part 3.5 of the expose series about the woman and her family in which adopted me. Growing up, I was deceived to believe that I was White and Puerto Rican. That lie alone would go on to define much of my life -- only to later on discover that it wasn't true. Me and Amy, I think I was about 13 in this photo. As a child, Amy consistently used and commanded black jokes as her "form of humor" because she felt that because their "allegedly" wasn't a black person in her family.... that it was okay. I felt so duped when I finally took a DNA test to learn that I am 51% British and the remaining African/different parts of Europe. My entire life I was subjected to cruel and insensitive jokes about my skin colour -- under the rouse that it was okay because I wasn't really ...
Megs and Harry are using taxpayers money at alarmingly high rates: Reports
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Megs and Harry are using taxpayers money at alarmingly high rates: Reports

Prince Harry and Meghan are courting controversy once again, and this time it is again for valid reasons. Months after completing their £2.4m renovations at Frogmore House, the royal couple is seeking to bank on taxpayers money once again to fund the christening of Baby Archie. The couple apparently wants to keep Archie as much a private citizen as possible, however, that may be hard considering they continue to court controversy over taxpayer money used to fund their lavish lifestyles and parenting lives. Meanwhile, it appears that the Christening (set to take place next week at Windsor) will be entirely a private affair.

LaLa Anthony furious about Carmelo’s scandalous cheating in France: Hot Tea

Fab queen LaLa Anthony is apparently in turmoil after learning that hubby Carmelo Anthony spent her birthday weekend booed up with another curvy woman. Many blogs were quick to pick up the photos.... LaLa herself then took to Snapchat on Sunday sharing a photo of a bloodied heart with a bullet through it. It is unclear exactly what that means, but our guess is as good as yours. Reps for Anthony refused to comment on the story.
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An updated list of advertising prices — effective 30 June 2019

As a digital newspaper, we work with so many clients on varying levels of services that at this point we've kind of lost track. We love our clients and our servicers, but, like any other business we've decided to slightly uptick our prices. Beginning today, the following price adjustments are official and will be enforced. Sponsored posts for small-to-medium businesses are $45 USD Medium to large: $60 USD Corner ad placement: $85/month Top ad placement (think at the top of this site) $140/month Any other advertising needs we have never primarily discussed - please contact sk@bazaardaily.co.uk.

Rapper Slim 400 shot several times in Compton: Reports

COMPTON -- Troubling news for the hip hop community today as news of yet another shooting continues to emerge. According to local reports, rapper Slim 400 (best known for his collabs with YG) was shot several times in the city over the weekend. The shooter remains at large and it is unknown at this time as to why it happened. Police were unwilling to confirm many details of the shooting. Slim 400 remains in critical condition, but did survive the shooting.
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Temps are set to skyrocket across America

The National Weather Service in America is warning that a monumental heat wave is on its way. With temps soaring behind 90 degrees in some states, experts are worried that temperatures could soar into catastrophic numbers. Extreme heat warnings have been issued in several cities across America. Let this serve as a reminder to please try and stay cool; stay hydrateed, and wear sunblock.
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Donald Trump crossed into North Korea: Reports

On Sunday, U.S President Donald Trump became the first sitting President to enter the DMZ of North Korea. According to reports, Trump followed through with his offer to meet Kim in the troubled area-- something that has never been done by an American leader. Per reports, the two discussed multiple things over the course of several hours. Now -- it appears that talks to fully dismantle Kim's nuclear program are back and well underway. Although it's worth noting that dismantling the program has been an elusive goal for many years.

Happy Pride Month from me and my wild family to yours

It's Pride Month pretty much everywhere right now in the world -- and it is awesome. I wanted to remind everybody to love those around you regardless of how different they may be. At a time when dark energy is attempting to overtake our lives, love trumps all. From everybody at the Daily News May each of you have a wonderful fucking Pride Month! You are a rockstar! Here are some fun photos I took after visiting Converse to celebrate Pride Month. Side note: Had to give the people a little Naomi Campbell leg.
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Elizabeth Holmes planning brutal attack on the WSJ: Reports

Disgraced tech CEO Elizabeth Holmes is apparently planning one hell of a legal strategy in court. According to multiple outlets -- Holmes and her legal team are apparently planning to target the reporter largely responsible for having brought down her sham blood testing company. Holmes apparently hopes to use the argument that Carreyou "abused his influence as a journalist to insist that regulators ask more questions than they normally would have" ultimately "resulting in the many investigations that led to Holmes' criminal charges and pending federal trial. Pretty much, per this report, Holmes' defence team is arguing that Carreyou "became a part of the story in which he was reporting". The trial itself is set to begin next year.
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Report claims Jeremy Hunt accepted donation to lobby for outside project: Reports

Despite the obvious conflicts of interest here, Tory leader Jeremy Hunt has been caught in an obvious campaign finance violation after the discovery of bought-and-paid-for lobbying. According to The Mirror, it has been discovered that Hunt accepted more than £10,000 in campaign funds in exchange for lobbying for a very particular project. Stepping Stones School at Undershaw The project apparently included blueprints and such for a special needs school in the region. The school and what not was meant to be called an unidentified name (as far as we could discover) a school catering to special nneeds and such. The school appears to have originally been intended to be on the grounds of Undershaw (the former home of the author responsible for Sherlock Holmes). However, fans of t...
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The Democatic Debates defined

With Day 1 and Day 2 of the Democratic Debates well behind us, the big takeways are unbelievable at this point. Candidates (as many as their are) touched on everything from immigration; gender issues, healthcare, and more. Some of them even suggested one monumental change to healthcare in the United States that if it ever occurred it could have potentially life-changing effects for millions of people. Day 1: Some candidates (including Julian Castro and the like) suggested that it shouldn't be illegal to cross the border, but instead just a civil violation. Of course, the American public had allot to say considering that would mean immigration as they know it would forever be altered. Day 1 Recap: Click Here Elizabeth Warren:  Gun violence in this country is a national health emergen...
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La La Anthony channels Kylie Jenner in $35 Latex mini

LaLa Anthony is currently in New York City celebrating her 36th birthday in typical style. The television personality popped up downtown in a $35 Fashion Nova dress (and it actually looked fabulous). “Reflecting on what an amazing birthday today has been,” the mother of Kiyan Carmelo wrote in the caption of the photo. “Feeling so blessed for all of you & the family and friends that I have. The love is so genuine and so real. Thanks for always having my back during the good times and the bad times and never switching up on me. I LOVE YOU.”
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Melo’s Baby Mama claps back amid reports of “serial cheatin”

Carmelo Anthony is catching mad heat this week after images surfaced of Melo booed up on a boat with another woman. As we also reported yesterday, the saucy images made their rounds online -- and the e funny tweets and such were almost instant. Mia is the mothers of Melo 's 2-year-old daughter Genesis.
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