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Muhlaysia Booker, hate​ crime victim, has been shot to death

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Say her name, say it loud. Yet another innocent life has been taken and in quite the gruesome way. Less than a month after Muhlaysia Booker was nearly beaten to death in a Dallas parking lot, Booker has been found dead of a gunshot wound.

The police maintain that they believe this homicide had nothing to do with the almost-homicide not even a month ago.

Dallas police say that on Saturday — Booker was found following a distress call face down “in a pool of blood” in what appeared to be a homicide. Police deny that her homicide has anything to do with the fact that less than 30 days ago — she nearly lost her life to a group of men viciously beating her.

Edward Thomas, 29, the alleged ringleader of the first attack had been charged with aggravated assault — although he is no longer in custody and his whereabouts are unknown.

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